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In the Gloom of the Dragon’s Den

Posted in Uncategorized by dnzrn on June 14, 2010

Never laugh at live dragons.

-“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien

Recently I became aware of a TV series called the “Dragon’s Den”. The show is originally hosted by BBC. The series is about entrepreneurs, presenting their innovative (?) ideas to five intimidating investors, -so called dragons-, in order to convince them to invest in their business initiatives.

Though it seems to be a very tense, stressful show, it inherits certain wisdom. I like to observe the presentation and negotiation techniques of the entrepreneurs. And I certainly enjoy watching the decision process of the dragons. They have a very different (unique) perspective, when looking at business opportunities.

Long story short, I think, BBC’s Dragon’s Den is the most educative show of last couple of years.