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Your Experiences with Bad Management & Lousy Team

Posted in Personal, Professional, Uncategorized by dnzrn on July 8, 2009

Last couple of years, I developed this new hobby of listening to people’s problems in their professional lives. (Sick eh?) Not only do I listen, but I take mental notes. Then I study a little bit, -if necessary- then come up with suggestions.

Obvious question: What is my ulterior motive in this? I’m preparing myself to begin writing a book about problems encountered in professional, corporate life. I’m thinking about a “purple cow” kind of format for the book. Actually, it may be a better idea to make a blog for it first.

So the punch line is; I want to know YOUR experiences. Every little, dirty, complicated detail. Have you witnessed an unprofessional act in your company? Did the management give your teammate a raise when he declared he wanted to quit? Do people sneak around in the dark corners of the office, whispering unholy omens? Project running late? What do you think your managers are doing wrong? Hate every breath you take in your cubicle? Do you find yourself wondering who manages your project, your team, or perhaps the organization itself? Lie on the couch mister, and spill the beans…

I cannot promise perfect solutions but I can promise that I’ll do my best. And of course anonimity is a ground rule. Alright then. I’m going to list down the ground rules tomorrow, along with the introduction for this blog.

I already own a good domain name for this one:

I was thinking about doing something else with that domain but, I am overwhelmed by other projects, and I only have one lifetime, which is almost about to be halved.

Until tomorrow…